Project 365 2014 – Day 43 – Out And About

Day 43 - February Photo A Day - Out And About

Day 12 – February Photo A Day – Out And About

There are very few shoes that actually still fit me, including my trusty runners, which are what I am currently wearing when I’m out and about.


Project 365 2014 – Day 10 – Manmade

Day 10 - January Photo A Day - Manmade

Day 10 – January Photo A Day – Manmade

Manmade by the husband. The most views on this site are for this amazing shoe rack made of PVC pipe the husband made when he was between jobs. It took him a while to do and weighs an absolute tonne. Luckily only two bits fell off during the last move and glued on again quite easily. Here is settled in at its new home.

Project 365 2013 – Day 55



These are my favourite walking shoes (Merrell Allegro). I have lots of pretty impractical flats that look nice but aren’t very comfortable after walking in them for a few hours. I bought these shoes when they were on special to go to Japan so many years ago and they have served me well, and will hopefully continue to do so for a while. I’ve been trying to find another pair as they are meant to come in different colours, but can’t seem to get them in Australia. Sometimes I really hate the lack of variety in almost any retail goods here, not to mention the exorbitant mark up. I wish Zappos shipped to Australia because I love a lot of the shoes on their site and they don’t cost a fortune.

Also much to the husband’s delight, I’ve left them sitting in the middle of the living room. Enjoy tripping over them!

Project 365 2013 – Day 27

Foot Traffic

Foot Traffic

It was the men’s final of the Aus Open and because we’re not made of money, my friend decided to do the affordable option and watch it at Fed Square on the big screen. We went in early to grab a spot and I’m glad we did because it was packed!

I wasn’t really rooting for either side because I love Federer and was sad he got knocked out. Also I think they’ve both got bad tempers, which is definitely unsportsman-like, but at the end of the day they’re both great players and it was a great game to watch in a great atmosphere.

Project 365 2013 – Day 23

Pretty Shoes

Pretty Shoes

I love my shoes. I have way too many of them and only really wear a couple of pairs because they’re not comfortable enough to wear for the whole day, and also I have to wear black at work.

These are some of my favourites, white and navy stripes with a red trim from Diana Ferrari.

Project 365 2012 – Day 291


I’ve been trying to run more as part of my new year’s resolutions. I started off this year running about 10-20km for a whole month, so not very good at all. After running the 8km at the Mother’s Day Classic, I got sick and then became unmotivated.  Since I made my resolution this year, I had been steadily and slowly building up the kms, some months getting up to 25km, other slacker months hovering around 15km. I was getting out there, but not really improving.  I kept running but didn’t improve much and my Nike app stopped talking to me and encouraging me. No records were broken and no progress was made.

During high school when I was swimming 4-5 times per week at the peak of my fitness I was around 47kg. I’ve never really given much thought to my weight because I’ve always been very slim growing up. I don’t even own scales. After stopping training I put on a bit of weight, which never really bothered me because I thought I was too skinny anyway. When I got married I weighed around 51kg, which I was very happy with. I told myself that on my wedding day I wanted to be myself and I wasn’t going to go crazy trying to lose weight to fit into this ideal stereotype of what a bride should be or look like.

Over the last two years I’ve started noticing a little pot belly forming, my little food baby I like to call it. It started to bother me, but probably not as much as it should have because I still didn’t take exercising seriously. I was getting lazy and complacent.

However, the turning point came last month when I couldn’t fit into one of my favourite dresses. It had always been very fitted, but I couldn’t even do up the zip. I hopped onto the scales at work and was shocked to see that it read 58kg. Now, 7kg over 2 years doesn’t sound like much to normal people, but when you’re as short as I am, it really does show. I don’t know if it’s me eating more, not exercising enough, getting older, hormones, or a combination of everything, but I had been in denial for a while and I had to turn it around.

Last month I ran a total of 47km, including running/walking (hey, it’s hilly around where I am) my first 10km in 1 hour 7 minutes. I know I’m not fast, but at least I’m getting out there. Most days feel like chores, every day is hideously sweaty, but some days I actually feel good. My Nike app started talking to me again because I was getting stronger and faster.

Today was my day off I got out there even though I was really reluctant and would have rather have stayed wrapped up in front of the heater. I’m glad I did though because I finally did 5km in under 30minutes, something I never would have thought possible. I know that’s not fast for some people, but it’s a miracle for me.

Hopefully I’ll continue to improve my fitness and feel better about myself. I also want to be fit enough for all those adventure sports we’ll be doing in New Zealand next month.

So after all that, today’s photo is tribute to the running shoes that got me my PB and will hopefully get me back into that dress!

Project 365 2012 – Day 254


It’s just another sunny day, warm enough to sit on the grass in the park, and my bum only got a little bit damp from the grass. This shot shows off my sexy Kindle that my husband got for me earlier this year. I was a bit unsure about ebook readers, but now that I have one, I love the convenience. No more carrying heavy books around and worrying about ruining the pages.

I’m currently reading The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak. I’m really enjoying it so far and I can’t believe I haven’t read it until now considering it was published 6 years ago.

This shot also shows off my $3 Coles zig zag stockings. I still can’t believe they were only $3 and don’t have runs in them yet. I normally pay about $20 for good stockings. I don’t normally wear skirts to work, but I thought I’d mix it up for spring.

Project 365 2012 – Day 248


I don’t get to see a lot of sun during the work day, so it’s really good when it’s warm enough to sit out in the park over lunch. The grass was only a little damp today. I’m looking forward to many more lunch breaks like this over the coming months. It would be nice if we could work outside, but I don’t know how practical that is!

Open House Melbourne 2012

I’ve wanted to do Open House Melbourne for a while, but every year I kept forgetting. This year I remembered and dragged along the husband and a couple of friends. Open House Melbourne  “is a not-for-profit association that runs annual events providing the public a free and rare opportunity to discover a hidden wealth of architectural, engineering and historic buildings nestled around the city.”

It was a great opportunity to explore Melbourne and take photos of course. It was a shame that it was so cold and rainy, but it was still a fun day. I’m looking forward to next year’s event because there are so many places that I didn’t know about that I’d love to see. There are amazing photos on Flickr for the photo competition.

I am now much more inspired to head into the city and appreciate all that Melbourne has to offer. I think that often we take the granted the city we live in.

Here’s my selection for the day. Beware there are a heap of photos.

Dulux dog. I want one!

Federation Square pavement

Federation Square

Lamp outside St Paul’s Cathedral

Inside St Paul’s Cathedral

Organ pipes at St Paul’s Cathedral

St Paul’s Cathedral

Eagle podium at St Paul’s Cathedral

Candles St Paul’s Cathedral

Hopetoun Tea Rooms. Looks delicious

Block Arcade

Orchids in the Block Arcade

Myer Mural Hall set up for high tea

Old money chutes in Myer

View of construction site of the old Myer

My friend’s awesome shoes. Love the laces

Lyons Office architecture firm. Concept model layout of the office space.

Lyons Office architecture firm. Concept models

Lyons Office. Cool way to keep cords neat and organised. Looks like a spine.

Lyons Office. Sample swatches

More swatches. Love the colours and patterns

Lyons Office

Lobby of the Lyons Office building. Wall texture

Market Lane

Lunch break at Ito Cafe.

Spring Street

Steps of Parliament House

Outside Parliament House. Popular wedding photo shoot location

Bourke Street

The Hotel Windsor

Spring Street

Spider brooches in the Windsor Hotel

More spiders

Lighting in the lobby of the Windsor Hotel

Spring Street

Books inside the Old Treasury Building

Gold bars in the Old Treasury Building

Collins Place

Looking up at some random buildings

Colourful building

Stopping for frozen yoghurt at Cacao Green. Yes it was cold, but it was yum

Blueberry waffles at Cacao Green

Cool bookshelf and wood panelling at Cacao Green

State Library of Victoria reading room

State Library of Victoria reading room

State Library of Victoria reading room

State Library of Victoria reading room

State Library of Victoria reading room ceiling

State Library of Victoria stairs

Swanston Street outside the State Library of Victoria

Swanston Street

Garden bed outside Hamer Hall

Flower sculpture outside Hamer Hall

Project 365 2012 – Day 160


It’s a cold wet wintery day and there’s nothing better than wearing some brightly coloured shoes paired with a bright red coat. The perfect shoes to catch up with my old workmates in. I love these shoes, but sometimes I worry I might look like a clown. I got them from Modcloth and they’re called Are You Sherbet flats in Citrus. They’re sold out, but you can still get them in Lime.

Project 365 2012 – Day 153

Casual Friday

Friday is here! (and also the first very chilly winter morning). Once a month or so at work we get to have a casual Friday with a gold coin donation. It’s nice not to have to wear my uniform once in a while, but I always feel like I want to dress much nicer than everyone else’s very dressed down version of casual. I don’t get to look pretty at work very often. Here are some new stockings, of which I just love the pattern and my favourite pair of shoes. Much nicer than my usual black pants, work shirt and daggy cardigan combo.

Project 365 2012 – Day 102

Here is the finished product of my husband’s DIY shoe rack made out of 150mm PVC pipe. It actually turned out quite well and I’m very impressed. It also clears up the clutter in the doorway, which is always a bonus. The only downside is that it only just fits all the shoes that we have, so no more shoe buying for me unless I cull a few pairs.

Storage For Pumped Up Kicks

PVC pipe shelf FAQs

I can’t believe this is the most popular post on my blog.

Here are a couple of handy hints to assist you to make your own shelf.

We sourced the pipes just from our local Bunnings (hardware store in Australia). They’re 150mm in diameter and easily fit 1-2 pairs of my shoes (flats, heels, work shoes) or one shoe each (runners, husband’s shoes). Just pick a size that will fit your shoes. Most hardware stores should be able to cut the pipes into smaller lengths. Unfortunately Bunnings wasn’t very helpful in this regard so the husband used a hacksaw. I’m sure there are better ways to do it, but that’s how we did it. To determine how long the pieces would be, we just measured the longest shoe and made it a few centimetres longer than that.

He washed all the pieces down in our shower and then started stacking them in a formation we were happy with. We used some bookcases as a guide and placed the pieces flush against the wall so that all the pieces would be aligned at the front. They’ll probably be some writing/print on the pipes, so just place these bits where the joins will be to hide them. There are lots of different formations that would work for this rack, but we just decided to go simple.

Pipes in the shower. Wasn't too impressed when I came home from work to see this!

Pipes in the shower getting a clean. Wasn’t too impressed when I came home from work to see this!

To glue it all together there’s a special pipe glue/cement that’s sold near the pipes. Just brush it along where you want the join to be and press together. Clothes pegs were used as makeshift clamps and we added some old textbooks on top of each layer as it set to weigh it down. I know, we’re so fancy and high tech. This glue smells pretty bad and I’m pretty sure it’s toxic so make sure you do it in a well ventilated area.

Shelves as guides and stabilisers. Wall to get a nice flush front of the rack. Used pegs and textbooks to hold it all together as the glue dried.

Shelves as guides and stabilisers. Wall to get a nice flush front of the rack. Used pegs and textbooks to hold it all together as the glue dried.

Once the shelf was done, we just put it up against the wall, no need to mount it as it’s very stable (depending on how deep you made it I guess) and there was very little risk of it toppling over. Once the shoes are it, it makes the whole thing pretty heavy and sturdy. The husband was very annoyed when he discovered I had some secret hidden pairs of shoes, so he went out to buy more pipe and added a few extra columns.

Original shelf with no shoes in the hallway. The husband added more columns to accommodate all the shoes as seen in the finished product above.

Original shelf with no shoes in the hallway. The husband added more columns to accommodate all the shoes and make it look more balanced, as seen in the finished product above.

There are much better tutorials out there, but I hope this gives you an overview of how we did it, well, how the husband did it I mean. Feel free to leave a comment or ask me any other questions. Thanks for visiting!