Project 365 2012 – Day 291


I’ve been trying to run more as part of my new year’s resolutions. I started off this year running about 10-20km for a whole month, so not very good at all. After running the 8km at the Mother’s Day Classic, I got sick and then became unmotivated.  Since I made my resolution this year, I had been steadily and slowly building up the kms, some months getting up to 25km, other slacker months hovering around 15km. I was getting out there, but not really improving.  I kept running but didn’t improve much and my Nike app stopped talking to me and encouraging me. No records were broken and no progress was made.

During high school when I was swimming 4-5 times per week at the peak of my fitness I was around 47kg. I’ve never really given much thought to my weight because I’ve always been very slim growing up. I don’t even own scales. After stopping training I put on a bit of weight, which never really bothered me because I thought I was too skinny anyway. When I got married I weighed around 51kg, which I was very happy with. I told myself that on my wedding day I wanted to be myself and I wasn’t going to go crazy trying to lose weight to fit into this ideal stereotype of what a bride should be or look like.

Over the last two years I’ve started noticing a little pot belly forming, my little food baby I like to call it. It started to bother me, but probably not as much as it should have because I still didn’t take exercising seriously. I was getting lazy and complacent.

However, the turning point came last month when I couldn’t fit into one of my favourite dresses. It had always been very fitted, but I couldn’t even do up the zip. I hopped onto the scales at work and was shocked to see that it read 58kg. Now, 7kg over 2 years doesn’t sound like much to normal people, but when you’re as short as I am, it really does show. I don’t know if it’s me eating more, not exercising enough, getting older, hormones, or a combination of everything, but I had been in denial for a while and I had to turn it around.

Last month I ran a total of 47km, including running/walking (hey, it’s hilly around where I am) my first 10km in 1 hour 7 minutes. I know I’m not fast, but at least I’m getting out there. Most days feel like chores, every day is hideously sweaty, but some days I actually feel good. My Nike app started talking to me again because I was getting stronger and faster.

Today was my day off I got out there even though I was really reluctant and would have rather have stayed wrapped up in front of the heater. I’m glad I did though because I finally did 5km in under 30minutes, something I never would have thought possible. I know that’s not fast for some people, but it’s a miracle for me.

Hopefully I’ll continue to improve my fitness and feel better about myself. I also want to be fit enough for all those adventure sports we’ll be doing in New Zealand next month.

So after all that, today’s photo is tribute to the running shoes that got me my PB and will hopefully get me back into that dress!


Project 365 2012 – Day 193

Running Essentials

I went for a run after work today. I’ve been trying to get fitter this year by running. I’ve never been a runner, but I so desperately want to be one. I was pretty happy to complete the Mother’s Day Classic and I’ve been trying to go for a run/jog at least once a week. It’s been very cold and wet and dark lately, so to avoid getting run over by cars I’ve been wearing bright colours. This is currently my favourite jacket to keep me warm, dry, and visible. The phone is also essential for my safety, tracks my run through the Nike app, and keeps me motivated through music.