Project 365 2012 – Day 279


The husband finally got a job offer! After over a year, over 600 applications, a few failed interviews, a bit of frustration and a lot of hard work he’ll finally be teaching full time next year. We were really happy about the news and I’m so proud of him. It’s been a tough year for both of us and I know he won’t start until the next school year, but it’s still good. It means we can start making plans again because for a while we just had to take things day by day, and I’m definitely a planner.

To celebrate I’ve got two weeks of annual leave booked at the end of November and we’re planning to go to New Zealand. It’s probably a bit irresponsible to go on a holidays when we’ll have to dip into our savings, when we should be saving to buy a house, when we should be planning for the future, but we’re only young once. We’ve been pretty responsible our whole lives and now it’s time to live a little.

I’m not a very organised person. I’ll be the first to admit that. However, the husband is really good at this stuff. I came home from work today and this was laid out on the floor, with drive times, possible routes we could take, what we wanted to see and what we could cut out. I’m really excited about it. Now I’ve just got to practice my landscape photography. I’m not sure if I’ll do New Zealand justice, but I’m going to try!