Japan – Matsumoto

We went to Japan in October 2010 for our honeymoon. See the other photos here Tokyo Kyoto Nara Kobe Hiroshima Miyajima Fukuoka Osaka.

Our last stop before heading back to Tokyo was Matsumoto, which is a town in the Nagano region. It was so pretty there and the hotel we stayed at had a rooftop onsen, which was lovely to sit in while it was raining after a day of walking around. We also tried raw horse meat, which tasted just like beef.

This is the last of my Japan series. When I got home I realised that most of the more interesting photos were on my phone because I didn’t want to seem rude, and also sometimes I was too busy taking in the sights and of course eating. I know there are so many places on my list to travel to, but I’d go back to Japan in an instant. I loved the people, the sights, the culture, public transport, and of course the food.

Pretty river. Love how green the city was

Pretty garden

Random shrine we happened to come across

Matsumoto castle

View from inside Matsumoto castle

Hidden area between the floors of the castle

View from the top floor of the castle

View down from Matsumoto castle

Outside Matsumoto castle

Moat surrounding Matsumoto castle


Japan – Miyajima

We went to Japan in October 2010 for our honeymoon. Miyajima is a little island off the coast of Hiroshima. We travelled there by ferry and explored around whilst trying to avoid the hungry (greedy?) deer roaming the island. Admittedly they were much more tame than the ones in Nara. See out other photos here Tokyo Kyoto Nara Kobe Hiroshima.

Oyster farm

Stone wall on Miyajima with the floating Torii gate in the background

Floating Torii gate

Floating Torii gate

Floating Torii gate

Floating Torii gate

Itsukushima Shrine, unfortunately at low tide

Stone lanterns

Cute little town

Maple leaves


Ferry port at sunset

Ferry coming into port

Japan – Nara

We went to Japan in October 2010 for our honeymoon. Nara was a lovely little city filled with shrines and crazily hungry deer roaming around. See our other photos here Tokyo Kyoto.

Delicious sashimi brunch

Reflections in the lake, complete with raindrops

Deer just relaxing in the stream

Oh hi there curious deer

Found a heap of deer in the park

Stone lanterns and maple leaves

Stone lanterns