Project 365 2012 – Day 327 – NZ Day 6

Day 6 - Postcards

Day 327 – Postcards

Day 6 – Queenstown to Lake Tekapo to Lake Pukaki to Twizel

I just cannot get over how beautiful New Zealand is. Everywhere you look is just like a postcard. We did a lot of driving today and saw so many beautiful things that it was really hard to decide what should be my photo of the day.

We started the day by checking out of Queenstown and drove up to Tekapo Springs. We went to the tube park, which was smaller than we thought it would be. Normally in winter it’s covered in snow, but since it clearly wasn’t, they had this synthetic track to go down the hill on. It was pretty fun going down together. It was small and cheap, but fun. We then relaxed in the hot pools for a while to admire the views of the lake. It’s just such a lovely pastel blue colour, which apparently gets its colour from all the particles of ground up rocks combined with the sunlight. It’s truly amazing.

We had lunch at a little restaurant near the lake and walked around on the rocks for a bit. There were these flowers called lupins lining the shore, which aren’t native, but kind of pretty. We also walked around the Church of the Good Shepard and saw the bronze statue of the border collie sheep dog. I’m not religious, but I do like some of the architecture of the old churches. This one was so quaint.

We drove back to Lake Pukaki, which was just as beautiful and bought some fresh salmon to have for an afternoon snack. After checking into our motel in Twizel, we headed out for a drive around the lake to the Mt Cook region, which is where the photo of the day was taken. There were some amazing reflections and views of the mountains. Although I think the husband was getting annoyed with me taking photos because when we stopped to take photos of some sheep, he almost drove off on me. I can’t help that New Zealand is so pretty!