Project 365 2013 – Day 183



This is how I usually feel at the end of the day, just a little bit blurry and fuzzy around the edges. It was definitely a tough day today.


Project 365 2013 – Day 34

Old Friend

Old Friend

I spend an awful lot of time on my laptop (Macbook Pro). I’m on it every night, checking the weather, news, netbank, email, CPD,  forums, blogs, Pinterest, researching whatever I’m into that day, listening to music, managing my photos, organising my calendar… I’m often on it when watching TV or reading in bed at night. It’s my good friend and I don’t know what I’d do without it. I don’t even have a desktop anymore (not studying anymore thank god), I just have this little friend who has been so good to me over the years. It has definitely outlasted my first laptop (Powerbook G4), but then again I haven’t dropped this one… yet! Very thankful for magsafe!

Project 365 2012 – Day 141


I totally forgot to take a photo until I was in bed, so here’s a pic of the nearest thing to me, my keyboard. I spent a lot of time on here today playing Diablo III, because my husband convinced me to. I’m really not really into video games at all. The only games I play involve Lego (love Lego Harry Potter and Lego Star Wars) or Loco Rocos. I’m very bad and keep dying a lot, but it’s actually fun and quite addictive. I won’t be turning into a hard core gamer any time soon though!

Project 365 2012 – Day 60

Happy leap year! I celebrated this special day by going out to a gig with my cousin. Never heard of the guy (Mayer Hawthorne, soul artist from the US) or the supporting act (Sydney/Melbourne band called Fantine) but had a great time. Although, I’m not used to being out so late on a ‘school night’ so pulling up the next morning was a bit seedy! Taken on my iPhone.


Project 365 2012 – Day 40

Today’s post is brought to you by the letter ‘O’. ‘O’ is for Overworked! So I’m very glad that I’ve got a day off tomorrow, even though I’m working Saturday. It’ll give me a chance to sleep in, do my own thing, recharge, and come back to a sunnier version of myself.

This is a pic of my keyboard laptop (as I have run out of inspiration for today and it was sitting next to me). I never really noticed before, but it’s pretty dusty and dirty. I’m sure it could do with a clean, which my husband keeps reminding me.

'O' is for Overworked!