Project 365 2014 – Day 110 – Egg

Day 20 - April Photo A Day - Egg

Day 20 – April Photo A Day – Egg

Thankfully even having gestational diabetes, I can still eat eggs. I love eggs. I’m annoyed that I can’t (well shouldn’t) eat them raw, so no runny yolks or poached goodness at the moment, but it’s still good. When I was about 5, I used to eat a boiled egg every morning for breakfast, and then sometimes have egg sandwiches for lunch and some form of egg for dinner. I got hives occasionally and the doctor said I should restrict my egg consumption to 2-3 a week (funnily enough diagnosed without a proper allergy test back then so I’m still not convinced it was correct). I was horrified! I was having that amount each day. I was so upset that I cried, but my parents being good parents restricted me, and in a couple of years I grew out of my apparent egg allergy. Now I eat eggs all the time with no problems.


Project 365 2012 – Day 162

I love when my brother comes down to visit because it’s a great excuse to be a huge glutton. Today we met up with all the cousins for Peking duck lunch at Old Kingdom. It’s quite a good place with fast service and not too noisy for catching up. Between the 10 of us we easily finished 5 ducks with noodles and soup. Not the best photo, but there’s no time for photos when there’s duck on the table. Also with my cousins, you’ve got to be quick or you’ll miss out!

Delicious Duck

And today we get a bonus photo. I was still full on duck when it came around to dinner, but I selflessly forced myself to eat delicious (and cheap) Malaysian food at Straits of Malacca. It’s extremely busy, but it was worth the wait. The pork ribs were to die for, but I ate them before getting photos, so you get to see the fried rice. Love the presentation.

Rice package