Japan – Osaka

We went to Japan in October 2010 for our honeymoon. Osaka was probably one of my favourite places, and it had particularly delicious food. Loved the freshly made takoyaki and okonomiyaki there. There was so much of the city to explore and eat through. I only regret not trying some fugu, but we strangely enough didn’t want to die on our honeymoon!

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Crane in the Osaka Aquarium

Crowds at the aquarium

Turtle coming to say hello

Spider crab… which we ate later that day. Just to clarify, not that specific crab

Colourful jellyfish at Osaka Aquarium

Clown fish

Ferris wheel. I had to go on it!

Strange entrance to building in Osaka

Dotonb0ri. My dream food area

Oh yes freshly made takoyaki

More places to eat

Electronic district ‘Den Den’ town

Eating in our hotel room. Delicious!


City at night