Project 365 2013 – Day 54

White Night

White Night

It is the first year that Melbourne had the White Night festival, which is an all night arts festival. There were some amazing things to see and my favourite was probably the light projections along Flinders Street. I’ve never seen the train station looking so pretty.  With the weather being balmy and the event being free, the city was totally packed. I’ve never seen so many people before in the city, even on new year’s eve. It was just insane! I think because there were so many people it was really hard to get around and see the things we wanted to see. I would only go again next year if it’s a little better organised and probably head out in the early hours like 3 or 4am when things were a little less crazy. That being said, a pretty good effort for the first time in Melbourne.

Project 365 2013 – Day 47



I went to my cousin’s son’s 1 year birthday party today. She’s an amazing cook and whipped up this macaron tower. I only took a photo of the bottom half of the tower because by the time I got to it, the top half was suspiciously missing. I love how perfect and consistent they look and I think they are better than store bought ones. I never really liked macarons until I tasted hers. They’re a bit less sweet and she uses less food colouring as well so they look a bit more natural. She’s truly talented and her kids are just so cute.

Also, there were so many kids there of all ages. The husband came home and said that he was exhausted. I felt the same. Something to look forward to in the future!

Project 365 2013 – Day 43



I just keep folding these things for my lantern project. It’s actually kind of therapeutic because it keeps my hands busy, but doesn’t require much brain power. I’ll get it done eventually, but I’m not in a rush to do it. I’m also sad that I didn’t think of getting origami paper from Daiso because it would have been more ideal for the project. The paper I got is a touch thick, but the colours and patterns are pretty. Luckily the fairy lights I got are LEDs and super bright, so hopefully they will still look good.

I am also pleased because when I can’t think of anything to take photos of, these look great!

And Finally The Rest

I’ve almost finished cleaning out the photos that I’ve been meaning to post. These are the last lot from the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show March 2012. They’re all the indoor displays that were inside the Exhibition Building. Some of the displays were from florists, students, and vendors.

Love this wall of sunflowers

weaved leaves

These terrariums are cool

For some reason this reminds me of a jellyfish

Simple display


A pretty, but impractical dress

Love the glass hanging balls. They’re just so pretty


Stacked wood

Never seen tulips like these before. The frilly edges are interesting

This display was my favourite. All glass test tubes and tulips

Spheres of carnations

So many orchids

Gloriosa Lily

Wish I could grow pretty orchids


Hanging bottles from branches. Cute idea


Project 365 2012 – Day 256


After sourcing some colourful paper, I’ve started folding the lanterns to put on the fairy lights. It’s not quite as thin as origami paper, but I think it’ll still work. I haven’t puffed them up yet, because they’ll take too much room to store while I’m folding the rest. You can see the prototype I made a few weeks ago here. They look so pretty just as they are. I’ve got 250 fairy lights and I’ve made 10 so far, so only 240 to go!

In The Garden

Photos I took earlier this year from the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show outside. So many flowers and colours. Good thing I don’t usually get hay fever


Cute plants growing in a saucepan pot


Colourful chillies. So pretty


Autumn leaves

Pink flowers

Reeds by the lake

Lavender (and an out of focus bee)

Oak leaves

Ladybird. I want one!

Plant clock



African violets


Hanging basket display

Grassy display

So many cactuses

Not sure what these are called, but I like them

Paper Cranes

This was my favourite display at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show earlier this year.

I love paper cranes. I wasted a lot of my high school years trying to fold 1000 of them to string up in my room. I think I got to about 500 before giving up and getting back to some study. I strung them up with cotton thread, and donated a few to decorate my mum’s cubicle at work. I might pick it up again to get to 1000, but in the mean time I’ll just admire the work of others.

Project 365 2012 – Day 172


The husband was still hungry after dinner tonight so he broke out some M&Ms we had hidden in our cupboard. These are coconut flavoured, which are okay, but not going to be a favourite. My favourites are peanut butter (hard to find and expensive in Australia) and crispy (luckily very plentiful in Australia). I like how they theme the colours.

Project 365 2012 – Day 160


It’s a cold wet wintery day and there’s nothing better than wearing some brightly coloured shoes paired with a bright red coat. The perfect shoes to catch up with my old workmates in. I love these shoes, but sometimes I worry I might look like a clown. I got them from Modcloth and they’re called Are You Sherbet flats in Citrus. They’re sold out, but you can still get them in Lime.

Project 365 2012 – Day 155

Stained Glass Windows

We went to a friend’s wedding today and it was held at the Glen Waverley Police Academy. They have this huge chapel there with lovely high ceilings and stained glass windows. It was a lovely venue with great music, wonderful ceremony, and they had the cutest vows (him: I promise to give you the last piece of dessert and keep you warm when you’re cold. her: I promise to share my food with you, even my favourite dessert sticky date pudding). Wishing them both the very best in their marriage and the beginning of their  wonderful life together.