Project 365 2014 – Day 114 – A Pop Of Colour

Day 24 - April Photo A Day - A Pop Of Colour

Day 24 – April Photo A Day – A Pop Of Colour

Still waiting and time’s up. Tomorrow is the new d-day, also known as induction day. I can tell this one is going to be stubborn because she just doesn’t want to come out. So I’m having one last cup of (caffeine free) tea in my favourite colourful mug before trying for an early night. I don’t know how much sleep I’ll actually get though. I’ve also been knitting the baby blanket I started so long ago, just to have something to keep me occupied so top myself from going crazy. Unfortunately I still haven’t finished it, even with all this extra time. Maybe for the next baby!


Project 365 2014 – Day 24 – Your Space

Day 24 - January Photo A Day - Your Space

Day 24 – January Photo A Day – Your Space

At the moment all spaces in the house are pretty messy. We’re in the process of getting lots of things around the house done. The husband generally likes very modern, clean lines and mostly minimalistic, whereas I like colour and patterns and different textures. Luckily he likes these little origami lanterns so I hang them in the bedroom and we can both be happy. Eventually I’ll get rid of the horrible green walls. This house needs a lot of work before I’ll actually feel like it’s my space.

Project 365 2014 – Day 18 – Happy Place

Day 18 - January Photo A Day - Happy Place

Day 18 – January Photo A Day – Happy Place

My happy place is filled with colour and polka dots and of course friends and family. My friends got me this awesome card for my birthday and it’s very much me. I love that there are dots inside the envelope as well.

Polka dots just make the world happier.

Back On Track



Okay, so Project 365 2013 is not really happening at the moment. I know I’ve been distracted by house stuff and life in general, but I should still have a few minutes a day (less than that even) to take a simply photo. I think I’ve missed more days than I’ve actually done this year. It’s the halfway point in the year, so it’s time to turn it around now.

I think part of the problem is that I’m lacking in a clear direction for this project. It’s how I am in life, I lack clear direction so I keep plodding along and going through the motions. It makes me stagnant, stuck. I’m not able to improve and be better. Most of what I do is pretty random, because I don’t feel as if I’ve found my niche. The ground perspective thing was okay for a while, but I think it’s getting a bit old. I need fresh inspiration. What I need is a theme.

I’ve thought about doing a project with daily inspirations like what they do at Project Life 365 or an Australian version from Fat Mum Slim, but I’m not sure if I have the creativity to do it. I’m a very literal person and I think I’d struggle to come up with ideas. Maybe that’s what I should do for next year though.

Last year I had been toying with the idea of doing monthly colour themes (like you can see here at Sharyn’s Shots) and I’m wondering if that’s what’s would keep me interested. I’m drawn to colour and bright things, kind of like a bird (I like pretty shiny things). It’s also a theme that has a lot of flexibility, which is something I think I need to stay motivated. Otherwise I probably get stuck and hung up on particular themes.

So what colour should I do first?

Project 365 2012 – Day 335 – NZ Day 14

Day 335 - Volcanic Valley

Day 335 – Volcanic Valley

Day 14 – Taupo to Rotorua to Taupo

We drove up to Rotorua today and yes it does smell as bad as I have been told, but only around where the geyser is. The rest of the town is fine. The reason we went there was to go Zorbing, which is rolling down a hill in a giant plastic ball. Except instead of Zorbing we went with a company called Ogo. It doesn’t seem like a good idea in theory to go rolling down a giant hill, but it was awesome fun. We tried both the dry where you’re strapped in and roll with the ball and the wet where you slide around an inner ball together like being in a washing machine. Wet was definitely my favourite. It was very awkward getting into the balls because you basically do a running dive, and coming back out of the balls after a wet run is like being birthed out. The husband said he had to protect his man parts because I kicked him a few times, by accident of course!

On the drive back to Taupo there were a few volcanic valley geothermal parks that we visited. They also did not smell good, but looked pretty spectacular. My favourite was called Hidden Valley or Orakei Korako Cave and Thermal Park. We took a ferry across a lake and there were so many interesting things to look at. It was so colourful, interesting plants and amazing patterns.

On the drive back we also saw weird steam coming from an industrial like area, and it turns out that it was the nuclear power plant. I didn’t know that New Zealand had nuclear power.

Dinner was at a restaurant on the shore of the lake and I had the most amazing chicken wings with a cheese sauce. We tried to go for a walk around the lake afterwards, but it was too cold so we headed back for an early night before another big day of driving.

Project 365 2012 – Day 232


I’ve always liked having lots of colour in my life, but living in a rental property limits things a little. I picked up a few paint swatches today for a DIY art project I want to do to brighten up the place. Thanks Pinterest for inspiring me to start making things that I will probably add to my long list of unfinished projects. I love the overwhelming choice of colour and the cute names for them. I wonder who comes up with the colour names.

Project 365 2012 – Day 228


Today was another day where I almost forgot to take a photo so these little guys are hanging off the lamp on my bedside table. These little voodoo dolls were the first thing I bought (apart from food) in Thailand on my first trip overseas without my family about 5 years ago. I originally bought them to give to my friends as souvenirs but they were too cute so I kept them myself. I actually did end up giving two of them to my now husband, but we’re married now so what’s his is mine by default! His favourite one is the evil black one with the red eyes.

My City

We went out into the city to see the Game Masters Exhibition at ACMI and the Flight of the Conchords at Plenary Hall a few weeks ago, and got some shots of the city. I love Melbourne but I really don’t get out into the city enough to fully appreciate it.

Ceiling decoration at ACMI. Looks simple to do but effective

Decoration at ACMI


Rainbows at ACMI

Federation Square pavement. Love the colours and textures

Inside Federation Square

Federation Square ceiling


St Paul’s Cathedral

Bikes for ride Melbourne program


Degraves Street

Umbrellas at Australia on Collins

Colourful umbrellas at Australia on Collins


Underneath the umbrellas


Umbrellas at Australia on Collins

Random arcade. Love the ceiling


The husband sick of me taking photos gets some revenge

Outside the Melbourne Town Hall


Flower bed outside the Melbourne Town Hall

Shot tower at Melbourne Central


Indoor plants at Melbourne Central

Indoor plants at Melbourne Central


Indoor community garden at Melbourne Central

Yarra River Southbank

Spencer Street


Fairy light trees on Southbank

Project 365 2012 – Day 65

This is what was on our front lawn (read: dirt patch because grass refuses to grow there) when I left for work this morning and it was still there when I got home. It’s one of those fake leis. Not really sure what it was doing there, very random. At least it brightens up the dirt patch.

Some colour in the dirt patch

Glimpse of Autumn

The leaves in the street have started changing colour, which means that autumn is on the way! It’s definitely my favourite season, when it’s not too hot and not too cold. There are also great colours and good photo opportunities.

These I took up in the Dandenong Ranges two years ago when we were searching for wedding venues. It was when I first got the DSLR and I’m hoping I’ve improved a bit since then. I’m noticing a lot of clipped petals and ends of leaves, which I still sometimes do now =p

Love the colours in this one. So vibrant

Japanese Maple

The leaves are just about to turn



I love how bright the red is in this one

Blue Hydrangea


I like this one, but clipped the petals. Oops

Clipped this one too... otherwise would have been a great shot

Pink Cyclamen

Rainbow Houses

A quick trip to Brighton beach today yielded some great photos. This is the first lot of them; the colourful bathing boxes. It was actually a good day to go, not too hot, not many people, and had great moody clouds. Just got back to the car in time for it to start pouring down.

Less colourful and trying to blend in

You can see how dirty the sand is on the beach. Melbourne is not known for great beaches!

This was almost my photo of the day, but it's slightly off

I never really do square crops, but I thought this worked well

Project 365 2012 – Day 43

I dragged the husband to Brighton beach today, not to swim (Melbourne’s way too cold and dirty for that), but to take some pictures of the colourful beach bathing boxes. Turns out I took more pics of the beach and clouds and seagulls than of the beach houses, but oh well. Here’s the pic of the day that features the bathing boxes.

Brighton Beach


The Tesselaar tulip festival runs every year in Silvan. I have photos of when I was younger when my parents took me, but have no memory of it. My friends took me there last year for part of my hen’s of all things. It was very pretty, lots of photographers, and one group of girls that had set me some somewhat embarrassing tasks to do. Luckily I still had time to take some great photos.

This year the festival runs from September 15th until October 12th.