Project 365 2013 – Day 100

Filler - Waves

Filler – Waves

Another filler from our drive down the Great Ocean Road. I always love just standing on the beach and watching the waves rolling in.


Project 365 2013 – Day 98

Great Ocean Road


We took a drive down the Great Ocean Road today. It’s very pretty there, but it is so far to get to, over 3 hours of driving. I was a bit disappointed with my photos though. Landscapes aren’t really my thing and it was pretty overcast most of the day. It was still a nice day to get out and about and nice that the husband agreed to go considering he hates the beach.

Project 365 2012 – Day 337 – NZ Day 16

Day 337 - Kayak

Day 337 – Kayak

Day 16 – Auckland to Cathedral Cove to Auckland

We finally found a beach that has sand instead of rocks, just like an Australian beach. We tried our hand at sea kayaking and we surprisingly worked well as a team. It was a bit of hard work and the husband would call me a slacker every time I needed a break. The guides were really good, gave us good instructions and were very knowledgeable. It was quite windy the further our we got from shore. I almost lost my hat, but thanks to my lightning fast reflexes (usually they’re pretty slow and lazy so it was surprising) I managed to rescue it. It was a beautiful way to see Cathedral Cove.

After grabbing some lunch we headed down to Cathedral Cove the old fashioned way, which involved a bit of walking in the heat. I didn’t take the SLR because I was worried about all the sand, and I even put my phone in a glad bag because the husband freaked me out about the sand scratching up the screen. It was a shame, but I also quite like not taking photos and just enjoying the experience. I think part of me just wants to take photos because my memory is rubbish and photos help me to remember exactly what it was like to be there.

We also tried the hot water beach, but we went at the wrong time for it. We took a stroll along the beach but it was windy and the sand kept whipping up like sandpaper. At least my legs were nice and exfoliated in a really painful kind of way!

And it was called “Yellow”

These are the last lot of photos for the day. It’s just the flowers around the back of the beach houses. I really like the yellow ones. I never used to like yellow growing up, probably because when I wear it, it makes me look really unwell. However, it’s such a wonderfully happy colour. It’s really hard not to feel good looking at it. It’s also one of my all time favourite songs.

I could get used to square crops

Wish I had my macro lens with me, but the kit lens did all right.

This dandelion seems much fluffier than the suburban variety I'm used to.


Here are the next lot of photos from our little trip to Brighton beach. These are all photos of the beach and the many seagulls. We didn’t go swimming because you’d have to be crazy to want to swim at a Melbourne beach; gritty sand, pollution, freezing water all year around. It’s a good thing though because then no glasses get claimed by the ocean (as has happened to Mr Cookie Loves Milk, and also my brother… good work guys!).

Yes, that's a swan in the middle. I didn't know swans liked the sea.

Moody clouds over the city

You can definitely see where the birds have been

View of our lovely city

He doesn't look happy with me

Flock of Seagulls


Rainbow Houses

A quick trip to Brighton beach today yielded some great photos. This is the first lot of them; the colourful bathing boxes. It was actually a good day to go, not too hot, not many people, and had great moody clouds. Just got back to the car in time for it to start pouring down.

Less colourful and trying to blend in

You can see how dirty the sand is on the beach. Melbourne is not known for great beaches!

This was almost my photo of the day, but it's slightly off

I never really do square crops, but I thought this worked well

Project 365 2012 – Day 43

I dragged the husband to Brighton beach today, not to swim (Melbourne’s way too cold and dirty for that), but to take some pictures of the colourful beach bathing boxes. Turns out I took more pics of the beach and clouds and seagulls than of the beach houses, but oh well. Here’s the pic of the day that features the bathing boxes.

Brighton Beach