It’s been a tough month and I’m very behind on my Project 365, for good reason as well. In fact for the last few weeks I just haven’t really taken any photos except of my new bundle of overdue joy. She didn’t want to come out, but we forced her out eventually. She’s happy and healthy and that’s all I could really ask for, coming out at a whopping 4.05kg (huge for someone as little as me).

Me on the other hand am slowly on the mend after nothing going to plan (not that I really had a plan), but it seemed like everything that I didn’t want ended up happening. I had to be induced because she was almost 2 weeks overdue, and after ‘failure to progress’ (horrible term by the way) I ended up with an emergency c-section. To top it all off, about 10 days after, I ended up with a very nasty infection that saw me back in hospital. The first two weeks of my little one’s life on the outside, I spent half of it feeling sorry for myself in hospital, and feeling a bit bitter about how indifferent some of the staff in the hospitals are. Don’t get me wrong, most of my care was absolutely fantastic, but having to endure the emergency department is an entirely different story. Thanks for the endless budget cuts to health you lousy government!

However, I’m back home and bouncing back and hopefully that will be the end of that. The point is that I really haven’t taken any photos for Project 365 over the last few weeks. I don’t even know what the themes are anymore. Hopefully when I’m settled down I’ll get back into it. For now, I’m just going to enjoy a bit of a break in my sleep deprived state and spend a bit of time just staring at my little (or not so little) one, and wondering what to do with myself. Everyone tells you how hard the first few weeks with a newborn are, but no one really tells you how to get through it! Special mention goes to the husband who has been so amazingly calm throughout the whole ordeal, helping me get around when I was in so much pain, and also caring for our daughter when I was in no condition to do so. I am forever grateful for his love and support, and thankful that we have a healthy little one despite all the drama.


Project 365 2014 – Day 96 – A Taste Of Spring/Autumn

Day 6 - April Photo A Day - A Taste Of Spring/Autumn

Day 6 – April Photo A Day – A Taste Of Spring/Autumn

Being in the southern hemisphere, today’s photo is a touch of Autumn. I always know when autumn is coming when the agapanthus start dying off. They still look quite pretty without the flowers I think.

Project 365 2013 – Day 105


Autumn Leaves

Autumn is my absolute favourite season. The nights are getting cooler and easier to sleep, but it’s not so cold that I’m freezing my toes off. The mornings are nice and crisp  and refreshing so I don’t get that hungover feeling of not being able to sleep because it’s too hot, but it’s not so cold that I just want to hibernate like a bear because the warmth of the bed is too enticing.

Even though spring has all those things as well, there’s a lot of pollen. Autumn is like spring without the hay fever. What I really love are all the beautiful colours of the leaves, and I love that we live in a beautiful tree-lined street (for now). It’s so pretty. However, the local council is being pretty diligent about street sweeping this year, so I’ve got to be quick to get leaf shots! Also my neighbour across the road from us hates leaves and gets rid of them pretty quickly. I’ve never seen anyone hate leaves as much as he does. He’s out there almost everyday blowing all the leaves off his property and a lot of the surrounding properties including ours… I’m not sure he has much of a life and he’s blowing away all my photo opportunities!

I took so many (what I think) are great photos today, it was hard picking just one. At least I have a nice collection of fillers now!

Project 365 2013 – Day 94


The Start Of Autumn

The husband asks me, “Why are there a bunch of leaves in the living room?”

My response, “It’s art!”

I don’t think he got it. These first brown leaves from our tree outside our house, finally, after a month of unseasonable warmth. I’m looking forward to more coloured leaves to take photos of.

Project 365 2012 – Day 120

Blue Skies

It was a beautiful autumn day today. We went out to brunch with my in laws and on the way back stopped by Target to get some laundry bags because all the zips fell off my current ones (read: got ripped off by our vicious washing machine). Unfortunately Target being the evil entity that it is, sucked us in with 25% off quilt cover sets. What was meant to be a quick trip turned into a very bad breach of our shopping ban and some inevitable buyer’s remorse. Our motto at the moment seems to be just do it and don’t ever look back. At least we have new sheets in pretty patterns!

Photo today is us driving far far away from the evil lure of Target.

Glimpse of Autumn

The leaves in the street have started changing colour, which means that autumn is on the way! It’s definitely my favourite season, when it’s not too hot and not too cold. There are also great colours and good photo opportunities.

These I took up in the Dandenong Ranges two years ago when we were searching for wedding venues. It was when I first got the DSLR and I’m hoping I’ve improved a bit since then. I’m noticing a lot of clipped petals and ends of leaves, which I still sometimes do now =p

Love the colours in this one. So vibrant

Japanese Maple

The leaves are just about to turn



I love how bright the red is in this one

Blue Hydrangea


I like this one, but clipped the petals. Oops

Clipped this one too... otherwise would have been a great shot

Pink Cyclamen