Project 365 2013 – Day 207



We settled on our house today and after a few hiccups earlier in the week with the bank and conveyancer (their stuff ups that we have to frustratingly keep chasing up) it all went through smoothly. We picked up the keys and got a bottle of champagne with a jigsaw puzzle (what the?) of our house from the real estate agent, and visited the new place.

It’s so suburban and look we have grass!

The only thing that really annoyed me was that when we did our final inspection, the previous owners were still in the process of moving and packing. Naively we thought they would be reasonable and decent people, but they left the place in a complete mess. Don’t even get me started on the kitchen. The oven, stovetop, range hood and bin underneath the sink looks like it belongs on an episode of hoarders. And they left the most disgustingly dirty microwave as well. Good thing we packed a lot of cleaning supplies. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but for now I’ll just enjoy the view.


Project 365 2013 – Day 109



I don’t go into the city much because I don’t really need to. When I do, I love looking at the tall buildings, the design and effort it would have taken to construct. I have to remind myself to look up because they’re easy to take for granted.

Project 365 2013 – Day 54

White Night

White Night

It is the first year that Melbourne had the White Night festival, which is an all night arts festival. There were some amazing things to see and my favourite was probably the light projections along Flinders Street. I’ve never seen the train station looking so pretty.  With the weather being balmy and the event being free, the city was totally packed. I’ve never seen so many people before in the city, even on new year’s eve. It was just insane! I think because there were so many people it was really hard to get around and see the things we wanted to see. I would only go again next year if it’s a little better organised and probably head out in the early hours like 3 or 4am when things were a little less crazy. That being said, a pretty good effort for the first time in Melbourne.

Project 365 2012 – Day 273


It was my friend’s birthday today so we drove out to her place in Oak Park and then went out to dinner in Flemington at Laksa King. I love that place. The food is so good and cheap. Every time I go I have to get the chicken roti rolls. Anyway, this is a pic of the overhead wires for the trams along Flemington road. They’ve removed a lot of the overhead wires now, but some still remain.

My City

We went out into the city to see the Game Masters Exhibition at ACMI and the Flight of the Conchords at Plenary Hall a few weeks ago, and got some shots of the city. I love Melbourne but I really don’t get out into the city enough to fully appreciate it.

Ceiling decoration at ACMI. Looks simple to do but effective

Decoration at ACMI


Rainbows at ACMI

Federation Square pavement. Love the colours and textures

Inside Federation Square

Federation Square ceiling


St Paul’s Cathedral

Bikes for ride Melbourne program


Degraves Street

Umbrellas at Australia on Collins

Colourful umbrellas at Australia on Collins


Underneath the umbrellas


Umbrellas at Australia on Collins

Random arcade. Love the ceiling


The husband sick of me taking photos gets some revenge

Outside the Melbourne Town Hall


Flower bed outside the Melbourne Town Hall

Shot tower at Melbourne Central


Indoor plants at Melbourne Central

Indoor plants at Melbourne Central


Indoor community garden at Melbourne Central

Yarra River Southbank

Spencer Street


Fairy light trees on Southbank

Open House Melbourne 2012

I’ve wanted to do Open House Melbourne for a while, but every year I kept forgetting. This year I remembered and dragged along the husband and a couple of friends. Open House Melbourne  “is a not-for-profit association that runs annual events providing the public a free and rare opportunity to discover a hidden wealth of architectural, engineering and historic buildings nestled around the city.”

It was a great opportunity to explore Melbourne and take photos of course. It was a shame that it was so cold and rainy, but it was still a fun day. I’m looking forward to next year’s event because there are so many places that I didn’t know about that I’d love to see. There are amazing photos on Flickr for the photo competition.

I am now much more inspired to head into the city and appreciate all that Melbourne has to offer. I think that often we take the granted the city we live in.

Here’s my selection for the day. Beware there are a heap of photos.

Dulux dog. I want one!

Federation Square pavement

Federation Square

Lamp outside St Paul’s Cathedral

Inside St Paul’s Cathedral

Organ pipes at St Paul’s Cathedral

St Paul’s Cathedral

Eagle podium at St Paul’s Cathedral

Candles St Paul’s Cathedral

Hopetoun Tea Rooms. Looks delicious

Block Arcade

Orchids in the Block Arcade

Myer Mural Hall set up for high tea

Old money chutes in Myer

View of construction site of the old Myer

My friend’s awesome shoes. Love the laces

Lyons Office architecture firm. Concept model layout of the office space.

Lyons Office architecture firm. Concept models

Lyons Office. Cool way to keep cords neat and organised. Looks like a spine.

Lyons Office. Sample swatches

More swatches. Love the colours and patterns

Lyons Office

Lobby of the Lyons Office building. Wall texture

Market Lane

Lunch break at Ito Cafe.

Spring Street

Steps of Parliament House

Outside Parliament House. Popular wedding photo shoot location

Bourke Street

The Hotel Windsor

Spring Street

Spider brooches in the Windsor Hotel

More spiders

Lighting in the lobby of the Windsor Hotel

Spring Street

Books inside the Old Treasury Building

Gold bars in the Old Treasury Building

Collins Place

Looking up at some random buildings

Colourful building

Stopping for frozen yoghurt at Cacao Green. Yes it was cold, but it was yum

Blueberry waffles at Cacao Green

Cool bookshelf and wood panelling at Cacao Green

State Library of Victoria reading room

State Library of Victoria reading room

State Library of Victoria reading room

State Library of Victoria reading room

State Library of Victoria reading room ceiling

State Library of Victoria stairs

Swanston Street outside the State Library of Victoria

Swanston Street

Garden bed outside Hamer Hall

Flower sculpture outside Hamer Hall

Project 365 2012 – Day 210

St Paul’s Cathedral

A few friends and I braved the cold and wet and went into the city today for the 2012 Melbourne Open House. I had a great time exploring the city and going on tours of places not normally open to the public. There were so many beautiful places that I’ve never seen even though I’ve lived in Melbourne my whole life.

My favourite shot of the day was at our first stop at St Paul’s Cathedral. Such amazing architecture.

I also loved that there were so many photographers out for the day. It made me feel much less self conscious. I think we’ll have to make it an annual outing.

Project 365 2012 – Day 205

Sunny Day

I took a walk up to the shops at lunch on a beautiful sunny winter’s day. I happened to walk past a church on the corner, which I had never really paid attention to before. I’m not religious, but I just love the architecture of old churches. Being winter, the lack of leaves on the trees also mean that I can appreciate the sky.

Japan – Matsumoto

We went to Japan in October 2010 for our honeymoon. See the other photos here Tokyo Kyoto Nara Kobe Hiroshima Miyajima Fukuoka Osaka.

Our last stop before heading back to Tokyo was Matsumoto, which is a town in the Nagano region. It was so pretty there and the hotel we stayed at had a rooftop onsen, which was lovely to sit in while it was raining after a day of walking around. We also tried raw horse meat, which tasted just like beef.

This is the last of my Japan series. When I got home I realised that most of the more interesting photos were on my phone because I didn’t want to seem rude, and also sometimes I was too busy taking in the sights and of course eating. I know there are so many places on my list to travel to, but I’d go back to Japan in an instant. I loved the people, the sights, the culture, public transport, and of course the food.

Pretty river. Love how green the city was

Pretty garden

Random shrine we happened to come across

Matsumoto castle

View from inside Matsumoto castle

Hidden area between the floors of the castle

View from the top floor of the castle

View down from Matsumoto castle

Outside Matsumoto castle

Moat surrounding Matsumoto castle

Japan – Osaka

We went to Japan in October 2010 for our honeymoon. Osaka was probably one of my favourite places, and it had particularly delicious food. Loved the freshly made takoyaki and okonomiyaki there. There was so much of the city to explore and eat through. I only regret not trying some fugu, but we strangely enough didn’t want to die on our honeymoon!

See our other photos here Tokyo Kyoto Nara Kobe Hiroshima Miyajima Fukuoka.

Crane in the Osaka Aquarium

Crowds at the aquarium

Turtle coming to say hello

Spider crab… which we ate later that day. Just to clarify, not that specific crab

Colourful jellyfish at Osaka Aquarium

Clown fish

Ferris wheel. I had to go on it!

Strange entrance to building in Osaka

Dotonb0ri. My dream food area

Oh yes freshly made takoyaki

More places to eat

Electronic district ‘Den Den’ town

Eating in our hotel room. Delicious!


City at night

Japan – Fukuoka

We went to Japan in October 2010 for our honeymoon. We decided to head south to Fukuoka to go indoor skiing. Unfortunately while the website was still up, the actual place was not and all we saw was an empty lot when we got there. It was disappointing, but we did get to see a lovely city and eat great food, including the best (and cheapest) sushi train I’ve ever been to.

See our other photos here Tokyo Kyoto Nara Kobe Hiroshima Miyajima.

Port of Fukuoka

Port and tower

Some ferries in the port

the canal and city at night


On the bridge at night

City at night


Street food stall

Japan – Miyajima

We went to Japan in October 2010 for our honeymoon. Miyajima is a little island off the coast of Hiroshima. We travelled there by ferry and explored around whilst trying to avoid the hungry (greedy?) deer roaming the island. Admittedly they were much more tame than the ones in Nara. See out other photos here Tokyo Kyoto Nara Kobe Hiroshima.

Oyster farm

Stone wall on Miyajima with the floating Torii gate in the background

Floating Torii gate

Floating Torii gate

Floating Torii gate

Floating Torii gate

Itsukushima Shrine, unfortunately at low tide

Stone lanterns

Cute little town

Maple leaves


Ferry port at sunset

Ferry coming into port

Japan – Hiroshima

We went to Japan in October 2010 for our honeymoon. Hiroshima was an amazing city. There was something so clean and peaceful about it despite its sad history. I’m glad that we stopped by on our Japan trip. See our other photos here Tokyo Kyoto Nara Kobe.

Sculpted hedges at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park cenotaph has the names of all the people killed by the bomb


Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park children’s monument surrounded by paper cranes

River with Atomic Bomb Dome in the background

Monument at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

Amazing colourful cranes, a symbol of hope

Beautiful trees in the park

Children’s Peace Monument

Children’s monument

Downtown at night

Fairy light tree in downtown Hiroshima

Japan – Kobe

We went to Japan in October 2010 for our honeymoon. We couldn’t go to Japan and not try some Kobe beef, so a day trip to eat the best beef I’ve ever had was in order. It was by far the most expensive meal I’ve ever had, but it was delicious. Unfortunately all the photos I have of the lovely melt in your mouth beef are on my phone, so here are some other photos of what Kobe has to offer. Here are our other photos Tokyo Kyoto Nara.

Downtown Kobe

Lantern at shrine

Wishes at shrine

Going up the cable car of Rokko Mountain. View of the city

Kobe herb garden

Flowers in the greenhouse

Trumpet flower in the greenhouse at Kobe herb garden


Flowers at the Kobe herb garden

Purple flowers

More purple flowers

Instead of getting the cable car, we walked down the mountain. It was worth dodging all the giant spiders to see this waterfall.

Japan – Kyoto

We went to Japan in October 2010 for our honeymoon. See our Tokyo photos here. Our next stop in Japan was the beautiful city of Kyoto. We had a lot of fun here walking around and seeing the sights. We definitely got ‘shrined-out’ here. There are beautiful shrines with great architecture and tradition, but they’re absolutely everywhere. We also got to go on our first shinkansen (bullet train), which was amazing efficient, like everything in Japan.

Empty Streets


My favourite place in Kyoto was probably the Arashiyama region, which was west of Kyoto and had these beautiful bamboo forests. Wish I got better pics, but there are plenty around already. I just really enjoyed walking around this region.

Arashiyama bamboo grove

Like suckers we walked, but there were lots of rickshaws around for the less able. I like how the driver of this one doubled as photographer. So talented.


Maple Leaves

Bamboo Fence

We also ventured up Mt Arashiyama to the Iwatayama Monkey park.

He’s liking those binoculars

My favourite shrine in Kyoto was the Fushimi Inari shrine. There are so many trails up the mountain that leads to the top with smaller shrines along the way. It’s famous for the torii gates that line the paths and are donated by businesses. We got there late afternoon as the sun was going down and decided to hike all the way up to the top, which was lots of fun, and just a little bit spooky on the way down.  It was particularly scary when we got completely lost, until the husband figured out that the writing on the gates led the way out.

Torii gates

Writing on the gates leading us out!

Kitsune (fox) wishes

Project 365 2012 – Day 196


We took a trip into the city today to see the Game Master’s exhibition at ACMI and then had a lovely wander around before seeing Flight of the Conchords at the Plenary. It was a good day out, were lucky with the weather, and Flight of the Conchords were absolutely fantastic. So funny.

Here’s my favourite shot of the day at the Melbourne GPO. The husband got very annoyed when we had to stop every few seconds for me to whip out my camera to take some photos, but he knew I was like this before we got married.

Project 365 2012 – Day 171

Beautiful Sky

It’s often hard in winter to see sunlight because it’s dark when I start in the morning and usually dark when I leave work. It’s then too cold or wet to go out at lunch. It also doesn’t help that I work in the basement. I hate the days when I start extra early to do QA because I’m a terrible morning person, but leaving earlier with this sky makes it worth waking up at 5:30.

Japan – Tokyo

One of my workmates is getting married in October and she’s decided to go to Japan for her honeymoon. We got married in October 2010 and went to Japan for our honeymoon as well. We’ve been talking about it and where my favourite places were to go and it’s brought back wonderful memories.

I’ve dug up some photos for this Japan series. It was about 6 months after I got the DSLR as my engagement present. I wished I had taken more time to get better photos, but there was just so much to do and see.  I can also see that I’ve improved so much since then, but no matter how good photos are, they’ll never replace the images I have in my memory.

Part 1 is of Tokyo. Tokyo was such a bustling city, with amazing things to see where ever I looked. The people were polite and friendly, I never felt unsafe, and the food was just amazing. My first meal in Japan was ramen noodles in Suidobashi and I swear I would fly back in an instant just to eat these noodles again. I miss Japan and would love to go back one day.

The best noodles I’ve ever eaten. So cheap as well

The cutest tea set in our hotel room. I very much enjoyed drinking green tea in the bath after a day of exploring Tokyo.

No Japan trip is complete without sushi! We ate so much and never got sick of it.

Small stone children and pinwheels at a shrine near Tokyo tower. Sad and beautiful.

Pinwheels. I love the colours

Tokyo Tower. The mini Eiffel Tower of Tokyo.

Looking up inside Tokyo Tower

View from Tokyo Tower. The city just goes on forever. It makes Melbourne feel so tiny.

Crossing in Ginza

Wandering the streets. Even though there were so many busy parts, there were lots of lovely quiet streets as well.

Gardens around the Imperial Palace

Love the well groomed trees

More trees

Not sure what these flowers were called but they were all around the Imperial Palace.


Not sure what all the suits were doing standing in the middle of the intersection. Lots of good stuff to eat around there though.

Streets of Mitaka

Residential streets. Looks like it’s straight out of manga or anime.

Cute plaques on the lamp posts outside Ghibli Museum

Wishes at the Meiji Shrine

Wedding at Meiji Shrine

I think these are sake barrels around the Meiji Shrine, but I’m not really sure. Either way they looked interesting.

Giant spider sculpture in Roppongi

Buildings at night

Last look at Tokyo Tower.