Project 365 2014 – Day 47 – Create

Day 16 - February Photo A Day - Create

Day 16 – February Photo A Day – Create

Okay, so we’re not really creating or being creative, but we patched and primed the walls of the hallway, ready to paint over the horrible olive pastel green that currently engulfs our house. Even though it’s very patchy, it already looks 1000 times better than what was already there. Can’t wait to get the top coats on.

Also discovered when painting that the previous owners didn’t bother to unscrew any fittings when they painted and just painted around what was there but didn’t even mask them so there’s green paint everywhere, a few of the door frames are made with skirting boards instead of doing it properly, the light fitting was only screwed in with one screw and it wasn’t even a plaster screw just an ordinary screw, there were two random screws in the ceiling that they just painted over the top because they were too lazy to remove, there was a giant hole in the wall that they didn’t even patch properly and just put some filler over the top to cover but didn’t actually fill the hole itself, and none of the door frames are flush with the walls. One door frame sits about 1cm forward than the other and they’ve just put some kind of filler behind it… Makes me want to go all hulk like with frustration.


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