Hit List

I would kill for some icecream and mochi right now. Feeling sad about forbidden foods.

I would kill for some icecream and mochi right now. Feeling sad about forbidden foods.

This week’s hit list is quite extensive, but really the top three would be…

1) Gestational diabetes. Every time I think I have it figured out I realise that I haven’t, and I just really want to eat some chocolate. I swing between being okay with it, and being frustrated with it and those annoying little numbers. I just can’t seem to wrap my head around it.

2) The random that somehow got a hold of my credit card details and tried to steal $13,000 from me. Too bad my limit is much much less than that, but I still have to go through the annoying process of disputing almost $1000 worth of transactions that got through. The bank gets a special mention because I had to call them up when I noticed there were some transactions on my credit card, only to be transferred 3 times and the call centre guy telling me “Oh, it’s a good thing you’re on top of this. There has been some fraudulent activity on your card. I’m surprised you didn’t get a phone call already”. Fills me with confidence!

3) Australia Post. I missed a packaged delivery and got a notice to pick it up 2 suburbs away (not the usual post office they send it to). On the card there were extended hours pick up (outside of the very inconvenient hours of 9am to 6pm). So I went after work one day, got there are 6:10pm, which was fine because the latest pick up time was listed as 7pm. Everything was closed so I knocked on the door. An employee came out and after telling me off for not being able to read (pick up times between 9am and 6pm) and me showing her the card that said otherwise, she said she couldn’t do anything because she already locked up and that the cards should have been reprinted as those extended hours no longer applied. So helpful.

Special mentions go to the jerk who threw his cigarette butt out of his car on a total fire ban day, and anyone who is too stupid, lazy, incompetent or arrogant to indicate when driving. It’s really not that difficult!

Things could be worse, but I also feel like they could be better too.


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