Project 365 2013 – Day 207



We settled on our house today and after a few hiccups earlier in the week with the bank and conveyancer (their stuff ups that we have to frustratingly keep chasing up) it all went through smoothly. We picked up the keys and got a bottle of champagne with a jigsaw puzzle (what the?) of our house from the real estate agent, and visited the new place.

It’s so suburban and look we have grass!

The only thing that really annoyed me was that when we did our final inspection, the previous owners were still in the process of moving and packing. Naively we thought they would be reasonable and decent people, but they left the place in a complete mess. Don’t even get me started on the kitchen. The oven, stovetop, range hood and bin underneath the sink looks like it belongs on an episode of hoarders. And they left the most disgustingly dirty microwave as well. Good thing we packed a lot of cleaning supplies. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but for now I’ll just enjoy the view.


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