Project 365 2012 – Day 349



We’re taking care of our friends’ bunny for a few weeks while they’re away, so expect lots of rabbit photos for the rest of project 365!

Cloudy has had a very adventurous day. We’ve built up some barriers around the TV, shelves and cables. We also blocked the entrances into the hallway with some obstacles. He tried to make a break for it today by jumping over the barriers. Clearly we underestimated how high he could jump. He’s also been trying to jump onto the couch, which we’ve deemed a no no.

Cloudy is a very difficult bunny to catch. I’m not sure he likes being touched that much, but after chasing him for a while he eventually gives up and submits by lying flat on the ground. Once he’s in your arms though, he seems quite happy to have hugs. He’s almost as hairy as the husband’s arms.


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