I’ve been absent from this blog for a couple of weeks because I’ve been holidaying it up in New Zealand. It was a well deserved break and it was absolutely amazing (which I’m sure I’ll write about later). I had a great time, took heaps of photos, so I’ll have plenty to choose from for my photo of the day (probably too many!).

It’ll probably take me some time to get back into the swing of things and sort through the almost 2000 photos I took, but I’m sure I’ll have it mostly sorted by the end of the year. I predict a lot of backdating to come! I need a few days to recover from our whirlwind, adrenaline-filled holiday, and it doesn’t help that I’m back at work tomorrow.

On another note, I’m still undecided about whether or not to do a project 365 next year, but at this stage I’m leaning towards not doing it. It feels like it takes up too much time. Also the main reason for doing it was to improve my photography, which it has and it hasn’t. I has because it’s been forcing me to take photos, and it hasn’t because some (maybe most) days I’m pretty uninspired and then I end up just putting up any old crappy photo that I’m definitely not happy with. Maybe it would be easier if I had a proper theme, but I’m not sure. I think project 52 is more realistic, and then I can actually showcase things that I’m proud of, rather than just settling for photos that are mediocre. It’s boring to look at for you, me, and the general internet world.

I still don’t really know where this blog is going. It’s mostly been about project 365 so far, but I think after this year I’ll find some new direction for it. There’s been (or will be) a lot of change happening in my life, and I just don’t cope well with change, so maybe some structure and definition wouldn’t go astray!


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