Project 365 2012 – Day 336 – NZ Day 15

Day 336 - Toothbrush Fence

Day 336 – Toothbrush Fence

Day 15 – Taupo to Auckland

It was another driving day with a lot of time to admire the beautiful scenery. Ever since the husband saw Flight of the Conchords and they mentioned a toothbrush fence he just had to see it. It is exactly as it sounds. People visit the fence and tie their toothbrushes to the fence with wire. It was kind of disgusting but fascinating. Someone had even tied their electric toothbrush to it including the charger.

Auckland was just like any other city, lots of cars, people, and concrete. We stayed a little bit out of the city as it was cheaper, and it was still close to things like a fancy grocery store. We walked down to Cornwell Park, which was an amazing and huge park. I wish we had something like this back at home because it was so pretty. There were just sheep and cows roaming around the place. We tried to short cut up the hill to get to the obelisk at the top, but we were thwarted by the fences, so we took the long way around. The view from the top of the hill was awesome, including the rocks that people had rearranged into penises and other juvenile things. We then decided to be idiots and raced each other down the hill.


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