Project 365 2012- Day 331 – NZ Day 10

Day 331 - Flowers

Day 331 – Flowers

Day 10 – Kaikoura

We went swimming with dolphins today and I’m very glad I took some travel sickness pills because it was rocky on the water! We got geared up with wetsuits and snorkelling equipment. I’m a pretty confident swimmer, but I’m no snorkeler so it felt really claustrophobic in the mask. It took me a while to get used to it and I swallowed a bit a sea water, but once I did I was fine.

We were told that we had to entertain the dolphins so we would hum tunes through the snorkels and dive under and basically act like idiots to attract them. It worked though because they were around us and playing with us within minutes. It was incredible to see them up so close and I think they really enjoyed hanging around us, no touching though. The husband thought it was hilarious when I was following after a dolphin and it pooed in my face. I definitely had a shower after that!

We spent what must have been about 4o minutes swimming around in various spots, but it felt like 5 minutes. After that we got back up onto the boat and got hosed down by some hot water and just enjoyed the view. When we were swimming we were with small pods of up to 10-12 dolphins, but then we found a massive pod of about 100-150 dolphins including some seals, birds, and baby dolphins. It was amazing and photos just don’t do it justice. I found it was much more enjoyable to just put away the camera (was getting mostly rubbish shots anyway) and just be in the moment.

When we got back we had a massive big breakfast and drove up to Ohau, which is where a lot of the seals go to mate in the fresh water. There weren’t many baby seals around near the waterfall, but there was one that just ignored us and was happy to just swim around and do tricks.


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