Project 365 2012 – Day 329 – NZ Day 8

Day 8 - Fox Glacier

Day 329 – Fox Glacier

Day 8 – Fox Glacier

Today was our glacier walk on Fox Glacier and it was amazing. Our guide was from England and he was a bit of a geek, loves rocks and science. My kind of guide!

We got geared up with boots, crampons, socks (I had to pick the Hobbit sized socks), backpacks, and coats if we wanted them. It was a pretty warm day so I just opted to wear my own light jacket. I tend to overheat when walking anyway, which I certainly did. We walked through the rainforest first and had some lovely fresh water from one of the many waterfalls. I didn’t want to drink too much though because I didn’t want to have to do my business on the glacier!

We then got to the ice and strapped the crampons on. It took a little time to get used to walking in them and I could tell immediately that I was going to hurt by the end of the day. They definitely helped me not die though, so that’s something! We couldn’t go too far into the glacier because of all the hidden and not do hidden crevasses, but it was still amazing. The glacier was a bit dirtier than I thought it would be, but the guide explained that there hadn’t been a lot of rainfall, and the dirt acted as insulation for the ice to not melt as quickly.

It was an amazing experience and I’d definitely want to do it again, maybe on one of the bigger glaciers in Canada or something.

We then rewarded ourselves with an awesome pub meal. I had a massive plate of pork ribs with wedges, and the husband had steak as usual!


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