Project 365 2012 – Day 326 – NZ Day 5


Day 326 – Queenstown

Day 5 – Queenstown to Glenorchy to Queenstown

We had a nice sleep in before heading up to Fergburger for breakfast. I am always very sceptical of hype, but these burgers did not disappoint. They were massive, fresh, and very very tasty. We then went to the top of the hill in the Skyline gondola. The view from the top was just amazing, nothing like I’d ever seen before and Lake Wakatipu was stunning. We went down the luge track, as pictured above, which was a bit of fun. Then we decided to have an icecream at the top while admiring the view.

In the afternoon we went for a bit of a drive to Glenorchy. We stopped at a little part of the lake and attempted to skip some stones, which I have discovered I am a complete failure at. There were some French guys hanging out at the lake as well and one of them just stood up and casually skipped a stone about a dozen times. I managed about 3, so I stopped looking over at them! I also have terrible aim. I may have missed the actual lake a couple of times.

It was quite a lovely drive and saw lots of sheep. We had to get petrol for the first time on our trip and we took so long to find the petrol cap release that the service attendant helped us do it. How embarrassing.

We had a massive amount of fish and chips for dinner on the shore of Earnslaw park after heading to the very gimmicky ice bar. I’ve never been in an ice bar before, but will probably not do it again any time soon. After dinner we had icecream (again!) and the husband kept trying to steal mine because I’ve a slow eater. I’ve gotta eat faster or else I’ll lose my food to him!


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