Project 365 2012 – Day 322 – NZ Day 1


Day 322 – Rocks

Day 1 – Melbourne to Auckland to Queenstown to Te Anau

It was a late flight and I managed to get some sleep. Unfortunately we had a 3 hour layover in Auckland, but we made the most of it by getting breakfast (at 3am Melbourne time and 5am local time), doing some reading and getting some sleep in the terminal. Well, I slept, but the husband can’t sleep anywhere the way I can.

We got to Queenstown, which was quite a lovely airport, picked up our bags, picked up our rental car and headed into Queenstown for some lunch, souvlaki in the park. I tasted my first L & P, lemon and paeroa, which is a New Zealand lemon drink that I quite enjoyed.  Then we set off to Te Anau, our first stop.

I just can’t get over how beautiful everything is in New Zealand. It’s so pretty just driving along the roads, with the green meadows and mountains and huge lakes and cute sheep, except the birds here are much more tame and unfortunately I suffered my first bird hit of the trip =(

We had dinner in town and then drove out to Manapouri Lake since it was still early and light. It feels like it takes forever for the sun to set here, and I even questioned if we had adjusted our clocks correctly.

It was a long but lovely day and a nice start to the trip. The photo was taken just outside our motel in a little field. I know the husband makes fun of me, but I quite like rocks. We also have sheep just across the road! Sheep!


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