Project 365 2012 – Day 173

Delicious Wood

My poor husband has a lot of gastrointestinal issues to say the least. We’ve been to see numerous specialists with no luck. He’s been through so many tests for allergies, intolerances, cameras inside and they have never found anything conclusive. He’s been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) which basically means they have no clue what on earth it is. We’re tried different diets, avoiding certain foods, eating certain foods, medications, and nothing seems to really help.

We’ve thought about seeing a Chinese herbalist for a while but money and uncertainty have put us off (as did do the horrible smells/tastes of herbs), but I guess we figure nothing else has worked so far so why not give this a go. We’ll see in a few month’s time.

It was quite amazing. We didn’t tell him why we were there to see him and nor did he ask. He just felt a few pulses, made some idle conversation, and then like a magical witch doctor, or psychic, went through all the symptoms that the husband was experiencing. He asked a few follow up questions to confirm his thoughts, gave a bit of lifestyle and dietary advice, and then prescribed some herbal medicine.

The husband commented that it looks like dried up wood. I’m glad he’s the one who has to drink it and not me!


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