Project 365 2012 – Day 115

Rest in Peace

My grandma’s funeral was today and what a day it was. I don’t pretend to understand all the Buddhist traditions as my parents and cousins are mostly agnostic, but I hope that we all honoured her the way she wanted us to. It was the coldest and wettest day we’ve had in Melbourne in a long time, but apparently it’s good luck to have it rain, something about washing away the bad luck. This is the view from the car as we were driving to the burial.

Rest in peace dear grandma. I haven’t always understood you because we come from different worlds and my lack of language skills haven’t helped, but I still loved you because you were family. I know it’s sometimes been a hard life for you, struggling to look after your family, coming to Australia to try and live a better life, and your debilitating disease towards the end, but you were and will continue to be loved by us all. You can finally rest now.


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