Project 365 2012 – Day 99

Cutting PVC pipe with a hacksaw in the Bunnings carpark is a totally normal thing to do on a Sunday afternoon, right? To put this into a bit more context, the Mr wanted to make a modular/arty shoe rack using PVC piping as our shoes are starting to overflow our current rack. Unfortunately Bunnings were not very helpful (actually not helpful at all) and refused to cut the pipe into more manageable lengths, so our best option for getting it home safely was to cut it in the carpark to fit into the car.

I’ll post a photo when the shelf is done, but it should look pretty good.

Cutting Away


11 thoughts on “Project 365 2012 – Day 99

  1. can you say what length you used for the PVC pipe please. I am trying to figure out what length I am going to ask for the hardware store to cut it down to each piece so that they are even.

    • We used 30cm lengths, but Bunnings wouldn’t cut them to size and the husband had to do it himself. You can really use any length you want, depending on the space your rack will be going into and the size of your shoes.

    • It depends on what your storage needs are. Each hole is about 30cm deep, so depending on how long your shoes are, how many shoes you want to store and what lengths your hardware store sells (ours did 1m and 3m lengths) you can work out how much you need. My husband has one hole per shoe and I have one hole per pair of shoes.

  2. I have a question: I absolutely LOVE this and I want to make it myself. I don’t have as many shoes as you do, so I would not be building this from the ground up. I want to try to glue this to the wall. What glue might I use to do this? Would the special glue that you mentioned work?

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