We went to Southbank for lunch today at Greenhouse by Joost  that’s on for the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival at the moment. Food was quite good, dessert was great, decor was quirky and very green, ate with wooden cutlery, and we drank out of jars. The outside of the temporary construction is lined with heaps of pot plants, mostly herbs, but I did spot a few strawberries. After that we took a stroll along the Yarra and it just so happened to be Moomba.

Greenhouse by Joost

Potted plants. Looks pretty cool, but imagine it would be difficult to maintain!

I see tiny strawberries!

Table setting

Squid with melon and fennel

Chicken with quinoa. Never tried quinoa before but I quite like it, complete with a real knife to cut through the chicken. Wooden ones just aren't quite adequate.

Cheese platter with figs

Metal hypnotising bird sculpture. I'm sure that's not what it is, but that's what I think of when I see it.

The Yarra with the city as a backdrop

Weird band... I like the purple sax player =p

Guy at the lemonade stand. I love how he needs to use the giant stirring paddle to get the honey out of the tiny tub.


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