Project 365 2012 – Day 15

One of my friends suggested going to a French music festival/concert called So Frenchy So Chic (SFSC) at Werribee Mansion, even though none of us really knew much about French music or spoke any French. We packed a picnic lunch complete with croissants, baguettes, pate, cheeses, macarons (made by yours truly) and lots of delicious sandwich fillings and fruits. It was a great day out with great music (I have found some new favourite music to listen to), and great company and I’d gladly go again if they have it in Melbourne. The only downside is that I got a little sunburnt around my face and some tiny patches on my arms where I must have missed with the sunscreen. Also a mosquito bit me on the face. What kind of jerk mosquito bites someone on the face?

So Frenchy So Chic

Anyway, the photo of the day is the Mr and I chilling out in the afternoon sun. I also got a nice tan line where my watch and the wrist band was. I took lots of photos, but I really like this one.


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