Project 365 2012 – Day 14

Not Quite The Same

I’m heading out to a French music day out at Werribee Mansion tomorrow with a few friends. We’re going for a picnic style lunch with cheese, pate, and others. In honour of this I tried making some macarons, the cheat’s way. I think my cousin, the macaron queen, would not approve of a macaron mix =p

I’ve seen Donna Hay’s macaron mix on the shelves in the supermarkets and decided to give it a go (considering how difficult I have read that these can be to make). Apart from resting and baking, the preparation time was about 10 minutes.

The photo of the day is the result. They’re a little flat (spread way too much), and a little burnt from our crazily hot oven. Also the chocolate filling doesn’t taste quite right with the macarons, but the macarons themselves actually taste surprisingly well. One day I will attempt macarons from scratch, but for now this will do.

This is what they were meant to look like.

Donna Hay must have a fabulous food photographer!


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