Goodbye 2011

Forget me not

It’s been a very eventful year this year. I’ve learned a lot and I think I’m a better person for it. There have been a lot of challenges that have seemed like a lot to deal with at the time but have worked out for the better. To get all cliched, they’ve been blessings in disguise. I’ve seen and done a lot of new and beautiful things. So let’s recap.

  • Almost lost my job because of financial politics, but ended up winning in the end
  • Stood up to the CEO and survived
  • Mr Cookie Loves Milk was made redundant and went back to study
  • Mr Cookie Loves Milk made an excellent house husband when he was studying
  • Survived on a single income
  • Got evicted, but moved into a much nicer place
  • Earned a much deserved promotion, complete with a pay rise (kicking in next pay!)
  • Finished changing my name
  • Made the effort to take more photos and improved a bit. Looking to keep doing this!
  • Started this blog
  • Survived the first year of marriage and have a stronger relationship because of the challenges we’ve faced together
  • Road tripped to Queensland and back
  • Went to every theme park on the Gold Coast
  • Discovered that my car had cruise control after owning it for 6 years (and at the tail end of the road trip)
  • Dragged Mr Cookie Loves Milk to see art exhibitions, gardens, restaurants and other photo ops
  • Caught up more with friends and family
  • Made a gingerbread village
  • Rediscovered knitting like an old woman
  • Haven’t been to a hairdresser all year and successfully cut my own hair (in my opinion!)
  • Took a trip to the snow, Daylesford, Mornington hot springs, and Sydney
  • Saw Lawrence Leung wants a jetpack
  • Been to a concert at the Sydney Opera House for the first time
  • Air conditioner turned into a water feature and flooded the living room due to a freak storm
  • Learning to deal with the incompetence of Melbourne trains
  • Cleaned gutters for the first time ever
  • Tried Bikram Yoga, but don’t think it’s for me. Not flexible enough and too sweaty!
  • Became an OHS expert after 5 mind numbing training days (no, not really =p)
  • Rode a motorbike for the first time and didn’t die
  • Discovered a place that sells peanut butter M&Ms, yum!
  • Ate entirely too much and have a growing food baby to show for it, but am dusting off my running shoes

Goodbye 2011. In hindsight it’s been a great year.


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