Resolutions 2012

It’s that time of year again, at the end of another eventful year, to take the time to reflect, take stock, and plan for the next year. I’ve never been a big fan of resolutions, but this year I’m going to set some (reasonable) goals and achieve them. I think sometimes I end up drifting along in life and just taking things as they come and then realising that a whole year has gone again. This year has gone entirely too fast and I realised that I haven’t really achieved anything I’ve wanted to do because I have abstract ideas instead of concrete goals. So I shall write some reasonable goals down here and check back in a year’s time to tick them off.


I guess being predominantly a photography blog this should be number one. I’m going to start my own project 365 (details to come), which knowing me will probably denigrate into a project 52 (photo a week)… or most likely a project 12 (photo a month). A photo a day seems doable, right? I also need to put more photos around the house. I know I’m still renting so I don’t put in that much effort, but I really should make it feel more like home. To achieve this goal I will get some Magnetic Photo Rope from Photojojo.


First goal is to get off my ass, call a mover, and get my (parent’s) piano relocated to my place. My actual goal is to learn at least one Chopin waltz and one Chopin nocturne and play it reasonably well. I think it’s definitely doable.


Last year I borrow a guitar from my cousin’s boyfriend. I played with it for a week and then my fingers hurt too much and I gave up. So the goal is to firstly learn how to tune it properly and then to learn ONE song, to be determined. I’m thinking maybe something Coldplay. Repetitive chords seems easy enough to do.

Get fit

I am extremely unfit. The only exercise I really do is to walk to the train station and the incidental walking that I do at work, which in my defence is sometimes a lot. I have put on a few kilos in the last few years and I have an almost permanent food baby. So I want to be able to run 5km, following the couch to 5km running program I have already started going for the occasional run but it usually ends up more like when Homer Simpson runs, ie lots of coughing and wheezing and acting like I’m about to die. I would also like to work on my flexibility, so some stretching and at home yoga maybe once a week would be doable. Maybe I will start swimming again… I haven’t decided exactly what I’m doing yet, just throwing ideas out there. Also while getting fit is my primary goal, the side effect of losing a little weight and feeling healthier will also help me to fit into my work shirts again. I’m starting to hulk out of them and it’s not because the washing machine is shrinking them, well maybe a little.

Be more organised

I’m forever forgetting things because there is too much clutter in my head of things to do and see. So the goal is to start getting rid of that clutter by keeping a diary and to do lists through my google calendar. I am also going to clean up some junk on my laptop so that I can feel more in control of things. Also try to keep the house a little neater and set timelines for getting chores done rather than just doing it when I feel like it, which is never.

Finish knitting projects

I have a habit of starting things which I never finish, which then just sit in a cupboard somewhere collecting dust. I will finish a baby blanket for my cousin’s son due at the end of February (eeek, two months to knit about 3/4 of a blanket when it’s already taken like 3 months), and a spiral scarf for my mum, which I may end up keeping for myself by next winter. This may mean I will have to knit two scarves. I would also like to knit a jumper, but I think this is being too ambitious.

Bake more

I like baking but I am also lazy. For close friends and family I will attempt to bake a cake or some kind of sweet to extend my cooking skills and give them diabetes or at least push the scales that way. One that note I will chose some recipes out of the many many I have bookmarked over the years to actually make instead of just drooling over the pictures. I resolve to be more adventurous and also by doing that eat less processed foods. On that note, I will try to eat less processed food and more fresh foods. This may or may not include organic, I’m not sure if I have the budget for that yet.


I read a lot everyday, but mostly on the internet and blogs and news sites. For a long time I used to only read journal articles and textbooks, which may be the reason I stopped reading for leisure. I feel that my brain is slowly turning into mush, so it’s time to get back into reading actual books. I think one a month will be reasonable considering that I am a relatively slow reader. I have plenty on my bookshelf that are half finished (I told you I never complete anything I start) so I’ve got lots to choose from.

Be more social

I have a blog. Is that enough said about my social life? I will say yes to going out more, find new things to do, and also organise more regular meet ups with my friends. That said I still love sitting at home sometimes playing the lastest Lego game with Mr Cookie Loves Milk.

Save money for house deposit (or squander it on a holiday)

Since Mr Cookie Loves Milk has been studying this year it’s been a bit tough to save on one income. Hopefully he’ll get a job next year and we should be better off to actually start saving instead of eating to the savings. What’s a reasonable amount to save? Maybe $30K? I’ve been trying to be good with not getting too many clothes and unnecessary items, but I still like to indulge once in a while.


I want to refine my Cantonese so that I can communicate better with my parents and relatives. I have also been meaning to learn Vietnamese for, I don’t know, the last 10 years so this is going to be the year. I’ll get Pimsleur’s Vietnamese which I will go through at some stage this year, maybe a lesson a week seems reasonable.

Stress Less

Easier said than done because I am by definition a stress head.

So just to recap my list

  • Project 365 (well 366 being a leap year)
  • Make home more homely
  • Relocate/steal piano
  • Chopin waltz
  • Chopin nocturne
  • Guitar song
  • Couch to 5km
  • Yoga
  • Keep calendar and to do lists
  • Clean unwanted documents from laptop
  • Clear clutter and sort junk
  • Be a better housewife ie clean more often
  • Finish knitting baby blanket
  • Finish knitting spiral scarf x2
  • Bake cakes (also known as the diabetes goal)
  • Read a book a month
  • Don’t be a cave dwelling hermit
  • Save $30,000 (contingent on being dual income, fingers crossed)
  • Fix up Cantonese
  • Learn (some) Vietnamese
  • Learn to relax more and worry less

I’ll be back to edit and update!

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