Legend of the Purple Valley

I am a very literal person with little imagination. I always struggle to come up with post titles so I often end up naming them literally (this is a post about flowers so I will call it that) or naming it after a song title. This method has worked well for me in the past because a.) I don’t need to really think too hard about it and b.) it gets me reacquainted with my music collection, of which I really only listen to 5% of (over and over and over again).

Today’s post is brought to you by Hiromi – Legend of the Purple Valley. Hiromi is a very talented Japanese jazz pianist/composer that my brother introduced me to. It’s a little less quirky than some of her other stuff and very pleasant to listen to.

I love daisies and these were such a pretty colour. These were taken when I was creepily walking about the streets near my place. My neighbours must think I’m so weird.


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